Future of social and affordable housing

While social housing (previously public housing) is the responsibility of Housing NSW and the NSW Government, the City of Sydney is committed to ensuring all people in our community have access to decent housing.

The City is the only council in NSW with a dedicated Public Housing Liaison Officer who is in contact with up to 2,500 public housing residents each year.

Since the liaison was appointed in 2007, the City has:

  • Enhanced services to public housing precincts;
  • Established recycling and clinical waste collection in these areas;
  • Held monthly meetings with Housing NSW to address safety, crime, waste and maintenance; and
  • Conducted safety audits with the NSW Police Force, residents and other stakeholders.

The City has set an ambitious but achievable target that 7.5 per cent of all housing in the City of Sydney in 2030 will be social housing.

This will maintain the current number of social housing dwellings in the city today and provide for an increase of about 600 new social housing dwellings by 2030.

Affordable rental housing for lower income workers is also essential and in 2006, comprised just 2 per cent of the total number of dwellings in Sydney.

The City is aiming to increase the number of affordable housing dwellings to 7.5 per cent of total dwellings by 2030 to ensure key workers can continue to live close to employment, transport and education.

900 new affordable housing units are planned to be built in the city including 50 in Harold Park, 100 in Green Square, 120 in Redfern, 104 in Camperdown and around 550 under the City's affordable housing levy scheme. The levy applies to development within Ultimo-Pyrmont and Green Square.

The City is aiming for 3000 affordable housing units by 2030.

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