Garage Sale Trail

Join your neighbours this Sunday to re-invent the humble garage sale. The Garage Sale Trail will have simultaneous garage sales throughout neighbourhoods in Australia and could be the sale to end all garage sales, as garages, gardens and houses across the country are opened and de-cluttered with front yards turning into pop-up shops to sell furniture, records, vintage clothes and bric-a-brac.

We need to start seriously thinking about waste and how we can better recycle and reuse goods.

The amount of waste going to landfill is mounting and according to a 2009 NSW government report Sydney's main rubbish tips at Eastern Creek and Lucas Heights will be closed to general waste within five years. All waste would then be sent to a new facility, 250 kilometres south-west of Sydney, resulting in higher costs and more pollution as transport use is increased to carry enormous quantities of waste over vast distances.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 set a target to ensure that two thirds of our City's domestic waste is no longer dumped in landfill sites by 2014. Our recent decision to send all 40,000 tonnes of domestic waste to alternative waste treatment facilities where it is recycled or processed into compost or gas for energy, means that we will surpass that target three years early.

The City of Sydney is hosting two garage-sale trails in Surry Hills and Glebe on Sunday. There'll be pop-up record stores, art shows, spontaneous performances, classic clothes and trinkets.

The idea comes from two Bondi locals who inspired their neighbours to organise 126 garage sales on one day last year. They sold an average of $750 worth of goods each and moved about 15 shipping containers of useful but unwanted items to new homes.

This is great opportunity to participate in an event that is all about sustainability, community and fun. I encourage you to join your neighbours and make a day of it, de-cluttering your home, making some money and helping the environment.


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