Get green with community gardens

Are you a backyard or balcony gardener? If so, you're not alone.

That's why we're supporting Grow It Local, a new platform for showing off your handiwork and sharing your experience to help other budding gardeners.

As part of a drive to increase local food production and reduce waste, we're calling on growers to put their vegie or herb patches on an interactive map of locally grown produce.

The Grow It Local website has 762 gardens registered nationally, including over 50 in the City of Sydney area, with a total area under cultivation of 7,200 square metres.

Most food travels huge distances to reach our plates, which means more resources like water and fuel go into feeding us. Growing your food locally makes sense and means you can enjoy healthy food and save money.

Even in small spaces like balconies, courtyards or window sills it is still possible to grow plants.

For people who want a bit more space, the City hosts 18 community gardens and 3 footpath gardens along with regular sustainability workshops on how to grow food in small spaces.

We are also establishing a City Farm at Sydney Park and Ultimo to grow food, educate children and share experience and knowledge about local and sustainable food.

Roll up your sleeves, grab a hat and space, and start greening your thumbs and your home.

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