Getting Ready for Christmas

I was delighted to announce Guy and Jules Sebastian as our 2015 Christmas ambassadors this week. The City will work closely with Guy and Jules as well as our corporate partners, retailers and the media to make Sydney a must-visit destination this Christmas.

Guy, who has just represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest, and his stylist partner, Jules, will help focus attention on the City's growing Christmas program including city and village concerts, street decorations, large-scale projections, performances and retail promotions.

For the first time last year, we successfully co-ordinated activities with businesses and other partners to position the City as a must-see destination during Christmas and encouraged many people to visit and share their experiences on social media.

Our Christmas events will be more important than ever this year, as the State Government commences light rail construction. Starting a new infrastructure project is always hard, especially in built up areas in the inner city, and we will work together to make sure our city continues to be a great destination for tourists and visitors during this period of disruption.

The full Christmas program will be announced later in the year.

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