Getting Social on Twitter and Facebook

In the past year, I've been using Twitter and Facebook to connect with people in our community.

One of the challenges representing a city like Sydney is finding ways to engage with the people living here. In many ways, these internet tools are just a new way of getting out and knocking on people's doors.

If you haven't come across these social media sites before, it's worth giving them a try.

Twitter is essentially a noticeboard - one with millions of users that lets you send and receive short messages and have conversations. You can follow my account at

Facebook is more like a patchwork of communities - you sign up and choose your friends and which communities or groups you want to join. You can join my page at

Both are big: Twitter has more than 200 million users; Facebook has a staggering 500 million.

I use them to communicate directly with people in our local area: hearing from people in inner Sydney communities and giving people an insight into the places and projects I'm working on.

Sign up and let me know what you think.


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