Getting Sydney's transport moving

A draft report called Connecting Our City considered by Councillors in the Planning Development and Transport Committee meeting tonight. The draft report lays out a plan to get Sydney's congested transport networks moving.

Sydney's overall population is set to nearly double by 2036. The City is one of the fastest growing areas with 60 per cent more residents and 31 per cent more jobs expected over the next 25 years.

Congestion is choking our city with residents, workers and visitors already making over a million trips to, from and within the city every day.

The draft report outlines a series of bold changes to ensure Sydney's liveability and global competitiveness continues to grow and pulls together six priorities:

  • Transforming George St - by installing light rail operating every two or three minutes with a travel time of 15-17 minutes between Central and Circular Quay.

  • Encouraging more active transport - by building a network of safe, accessible and attractive options for people to ride a bike or walk. The City of Sydney has completed over 25 kms of bike paths throughout the city and the latest independent counts show more than 10,000 people making use of them daily.

  • Integrating the planning of land use and transport - to make sure that urban redevelopment projects such as Barangaroo, Green Square and Harold Park are well serviced by public transport and with practical options for residents to walk and ride bikes for shorter trips.

  • Managing our streets and parking - in response to increasing demand for the limited space on our streets in Sydney. By understanding that different streets are needed different for purposes - such as light rail, shared paths, or commercial deliveries - the City can create a hierarchy across different parts of the inner city based on land use, volumes of traffic and opportunities for different travel modes to work together.

  • Improving public transport options - by working with the NSW Government to upgrade and extend our public transport system. At present three out of four workers in central Sydney are arriving by train, ferry or bus. The City will encourage the State Government to move as quickly as possible to an integrated ticketing system.

  • Delivering the highest priorities - for improving connectivity in Sydney including the Transforming Sydney Project along George Street, completing the Wynyard Walk to give easy walking access to Barangaroo, establishing new cross regional bus links, and upgrading Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town Hall and Central interchanges

It's impossible to keep fitting more and more cars into the centre of our city, so we need to develop a system that supports all forms of transport - walking, cycling, driving and public transport. Providing people with more choices so that those who need to drive can do so reduces congestion and saves money.

While the State Government is responsible for public transport, we believe joint action and our own City projects are vital to keep our city moving.

The draft Connecting Our City report will go on public exhibition for around six weeks.

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