That headline quote came from Gloria Steinem last week, lighting up the Eternity Playhouse in conversation with Leigh Sales at our very special CityTalks discussion on gender equality. Leigh then moderated a panel with Gloria and myself, Senator Penny Wong, Larissa Behrendt, Kay Koplovitz and Narelle Hooper.

One of Gloria’s remarks that’s really stuck with me is that the key to gender equality is persistence – “we are long distance runners”. We talked about the obstructionism that says our movement is not needed. I agree with Gloria wholeheartedly – nothing could be further from the truth.

While we are changing the majority consciousness (slowly, but surely) there is still a profound backlash against gender equality. But because we’re long distance runners, we will persist and tomorrow will be better and so too the day after that.

The discussion follows the creation of our social sustainability policy, which we’ve called "A City for All" to express our goal to create a Sydney with true equality, diversity and inclusion because cities where everyone has opportunities to grow and contribute are healthier, happier more prosperous. We all benefit and are immeasurably enriched when human rights are recognised as equally valid for all of us. Help us build "A City for All" by leaving your feedback on our draft social sustainability policy here.

If you missed our CityTalks discussion with Gloria Steinem, you can watch it online here.

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