GLRL celebrates 25 years

On Wednesday night I joined Her Excellency, Governor Marie Bashir, Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and members of Sydney's GLBTI community at Parliament to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby.

The GLRL was formed in 1988 to address the serious social and political inequalities and injustices that gay men and lesbians were experiencing.

The GLRL's work to achieve equality has been so important because it has significantly improved the lives of gay men and lesbians.

The Lobby's successes have include the establishment of the Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project, successful community campaigns for laws to protect homosexuals from vilification, same sex relationship recognition, an equal age of consent and the right for same sex partners to adopt

Their education campaigns have helped to empower gay men and lesbians and raised awareness about their safety and their rights.

I am proud to have worked closely with the Lobby to help achieve its aims through action in Parliament. I am particularly proud to have introduced the homosexual vilification bill and same sex couples adoption bills into Parliament.

I wish the GLRL every success for the future.

You can read my speech to the GLRL by clicking here.

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