Googling your way across Sydney

Sydney's ever-increasing number of bike riders can now find the safest and quickest route to their destination with the launch of Google Australia's bicycle directions and the new Sydney Cycleways website.

The City is creating cycling routes to popular destinations to get people where they need to go - work, entertainment locations, shopping, parks, pools and libraries. These routes are already popular with riders and we're updating them with a combination of on-road bike lanes, paths shared with pedestrians and separated cycleways.

Google biking directions are a popular feature of Google Maps in the USA allowing riders to avoid hills and busy intersections. Google Australia's route-planning technology now features information about City of Sydney bike lanes and allows you to plan any journey using the most rider-friendly routes.

We've seen an 82% increase in the number of people taking to a bike to get around the city, and this Google initiative will help riders find the safest and most efficient routes.

The City supported Google Australia's biking directions by providing information about our bike lanes and shared paths.

The Sydney Cycleways website will keep you up-to-date with the latest events, cycling tips and maps and the City's cycling courses. You can also connect on Facebook or Twitter.

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