Grand Organ as Grand as Ever

Last week I met with our staff who have completed the extensive cleaning and restoration of the Grand Organ at Town Hall.

The Grand Organ is the largest of its kind in the world and has been returned to its former glory thanks to our major restoration project.

Extensive cleaning and conservation and documentation works have been carried out over the past five years to preserve this unique and world-famous instrument. Standing at over 38 feet tall, the Grand Organ features 8,672 pipes that have each been delicately removed, hand cleaned and measured.

The City consulted with organ building experts from the UK, the Organ Historical Trust of Australia, the Heritage Branch of the NSW Department of Planning and the NSW Conservatorium of Music on conservation and maintenance of the organ.

The Grand Organ was built in London from 1896 to 1899 and is the largest remaining organ from that era. It is considered to be among the top six most important pipe organs in the world, and one of Australia's great artefacts.

When it was first installed it was biggest organ ever constructed and was described as the 'finest organ ever built by an English organ builder'.

Now the Grand Organ has been restored to its former glory, the quality of sound as clear as it was when it was first installed. It is detailed for enthusiasts to enjoy, reinforce its significance, reduce risk of irretrievable damage and retain the organ's importance as a unique instrument in our city.

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