Greater Support Needed For Youth Services

It costs nearly $200,000 a year to keep a young person in a juvenile detention, and many of those sent to institutions at a young age go on to have a lifetime career in crime. In Parliament recently, I called on the NSW State Government to redirect funds from juvenile detention to more constructive, preventative programs like those run by the Salvation Army's Oasis Youth Support Network.

Oasis works with young people living on the street or coming out of institutions, helping them break the cycle of homelessness, crime and poverty through supportive counselling and getting them into a home, training and jobs.

Oasis helps disadvantaged young people start over, addressing behaviour that both directly and indirectly impacts on the community, while at the same time saving the community money that would otherwise be spent on expensive incarceration options.

I believe Oasis and services like it deserve much greater support.


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