When I became Lord Mayor, plans for Green Square had stagnated due to neglect from the State Government. We kick-started the planning process, and now our $1.3 billion infrastructure plan is transforming Green Square into a high-quality residential neighbourhood with world-class facilities.

How to vote to keep Sydney independent

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Green Square Library and Plaza

Construction work has commenced on a new underground library and public plaza. When it's complete in early 2018, the library will include a sunken garden, a green walled open-air amphitheatre and a glass tower with community rooms.

Parks and Sporting Facilities

We recently opened the colourful Wulaba Park in Waterloo, one of 40 new parks for Green Square. We’re building the largest pool complex since the 2000 Olympics – Gunyama Park and Aquatic Centre which will include indoor pools, a gym, a covered outdoor yoga deck, a café and a crèche.

Childcare and Community Facilities

We recently opened a new 80-place childcare centre in Huntley Street and construction of a 74 place centre is currently underway. 

We’ve also started work to re-use heritage buildings on the former South Sydney Hospital site into a mix of creative and community facilities and open space.

The Joynton Avenue Creative Centre, with a gallery space, incubator office space and a terrace will be completed in early 2017.

Transport and Congestion

I am extremely concerned about the impacts that Liberal State Government projects such as WestConnex and over-development in Waterloo will have for Green Square.

We’ve invested more than $40 million to secure land and design streets for a light rail corridor to Central Station and will continue lobbying the NSW Government to secure their approval for the project.

Schools and Health Services

Investment by the NSW Government is failing to keep up with the growth of residents. We’re lobbying the NSW Government to provide urgently needed schools and health services.

Your vote is important

The vision of the Clover Moore Independent Team is to deliver a world-class neighbourhood in Green Square based on quality design, open space, infrastructure and services.

It is important that the Clover Moore Independent Team be returned on September 10 so we can finish our work in Green Square. The Labor Party allowed this area to languish when in government and the Liberal candidate for Lord Mayor would like this area to be cut out of the Local Government Area to focus on CBD businesses.

Don’t put the future of your neighbourhood at risk.

On September 10, support proven, financial strong and stable governance. 

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