Green Square Aquatic Centre & Park Community Consultation

Today we have the master plan for the new Green Square Aquatic Centre and the adjoining Gunyama Park - a new green space for the community.

We're keen to hear your ideas on this because we see open space and outstanding public facilities as the key to making Green Square a liveable, sustainable community - for existing residents as well as newcomers.

Overall, the City has a $440 million program to deliver on that vision. You'd be aware that we recently announced the winners of an international design competition for the library and plaza - happily won by a couple of young local architects, and we have funds from a creative centre for the community, as well as cycleways and the park and aquatic centre.

The centre will have something for people of all ages: there will be both a 25 and a 50 metre pool; a hydrotheraphy pool and a water play area for children.

The adjoining Gunyama Park of 1.6 hectares will include a children's playground and outdoor circuit training, as well as a multi-purpose playing field.

What you're seeing here today is a concept of how the layout of the aquatic centre and park might look. It isn't a final design. In fact, we'll be holding an architecture competition as we did for the library and plaza, and we hope it will produce as result as exciting as that one.

The aquatic centre and park will be connected to walking, cycling and public transport routes, and will be easily accessible from the Green Square town centre. It will also have underground parking for up to 100 cars.

The plan is open for comment at until September 3, or you can complete a feedback form here today.

We really want to hear your thoughts, so please take the time to look at the proposal and get back to us.

Once we have a final design, a development application is lodged. We're looking at a two-year construction period which will mean we can open the centre and the park in 2018.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to talk to your community about other new projects planned for your area, including:

  • New roads, infrastructure and drainage in the Green Square Town Centre
  • Creative facilities at the old South Sydney Hospital site
  • A new public art program and
  • More new open space, including the Drying Green park.

Today you can also learn more from our staff about the new Library and Plaza, which will form a wonderful heart for Green Square.

And for newcomers who have moved into a Green Square apartment after July 1 this year, we've joined with local community groups, services providers and businesses to put together a Green Square welcome basket.

It is packed with goodies including a local cook book, a flower pot painted by local kids, complete with seeds from the Green Square Growers, equipment for cyclists and dog-owners, an information on local programs, resources, businesses, community organisations and City services. So see the staff here today to ask about your welcome basket.

I also want to tell you that the City has expanded our free hop-on, hop-off Village to Village bus service. It's now running in this area on Thursdays and Fridays, connecting you easily to Erskineville, Newtown and Broadway. So if you are interested, there are timetables here for you today.

Once again, thank you all for your interest, and I look forward to your feedback about the plans for the Aquatic Centre and Park.