Green Square Communities Facilities Consultation

(10am, Saturday 17 May 2014, The Tote Joynton Avenue)

Thank you, Maria [Pavlides], and welcome, everyone.

This is Have Your Say Day - an opportunity for us to bring you up to date on the projects the City is working on for Green Square, for you to ask questions and think about your own ideas for this area.

At 278 hectares, the $8 billion Green Square redevelopment is one of the largest in Australia. Since 2000, almost 6,000 new homes have been built, bringing in a further 11,000 residents. By 2030, the population will have grown to 40,000 new residents and 22,000 workers.

The City's job is to ensure the development creates a high-quality, sustainable environment that co-exists with existing neighbourhoods, and that promotes excellent design and a mix of residential, cultural and retail.

We have committed to spending $440 million over the next 10 years creating the streets, parks and gardens, pedestrian and cycle paths, public art and a range of community facilities, some of which are on show here today.

Following an international design competition, young local architects Stewart Hollenstein are now refining their winning scheme for the new library and plaza. We're also looking for an outstanding design for a new aquatic centre and sports park.

We will also be building a child-care centre and providing space for artists and community groups.

On the top floor of this building you can see our City model for the Green Square area and talk to our planning staff about development applications already on exhibition and about upcoming developments.

On the middle floor, you'll see our model for the new Library and Plaza. We're really excited by this impressive design - chosen from an outstanding field by a panel of eminent architects including Glenn Murcutt, who were bowled over by their proposal.

Also on the middle floor, we're showing a proposal for the name of Green Square, with three options for you to comment on. We'd really love to hear about the name, and how we should use it.

The University of NSW are also here with us today and their representatives on the middle floor want to hear what you think about living in an urban renewal area like Green Square, and what it's like for you.

This survey is one of the first of its kind, and we're grateful to the University for partnering with us to carry it out.

Then here, outside, we have other key projects we'd love to hear your thoughts on.

These include:

  • The Aquatic centre and Gunyama Park. Following our national design competition, we've got all the entries on show for you today, so please let us know your responses.
  • Parks: As Green Square grows, local parks will play an ever more important role as community open space. We have information about new and upcoming parks, and we'd like to hear from you how you use these parks, and what you'd like to see in them.
  • We also have on show our plans for the old South Sydney Hospital site, where we'll be creating a new park - the Matron Ruby Grant Park, which will also include a childcare centre and a creative community hub offering space for local arts and performances. We'd like to hear from you today about what kind of activities you'd like to see in these spaces - whether it's room for dance groups or studios for local artists, or perhaps a Men's Shed.
  • In any urban renewal area like this, planning for roads and services are also needed. So today you can learn about our plans for:
  • Stormwater management: As most of you know, the area is prone to flooding, so we have joined with Sydney Water to build a large 2.4 km underground drain from Link Road in Zetland to the existing stormwater system at Alexandra Canal, and you can find out more about those works today.
  • We also have information on our plans for new roads, cycleways and underground services that will continue to support the growth in this area.

Please take your time today and have a good look at the various proposals.

There's no need to submit your thoughts today: all the exhibition material will be on our website - Sydney Your - for another two weeks. So feel free to ask the staff as many questions as you need to today, and then give us your feedback either on-line, or at our Customer Services Centres.

Thank you all for coming, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.