Green Square Have Your Say Day

(11am, East Village Shopping Centre)

Thank you, Lauren, [Flaherty] and good morning, everyone. Welcome to the City's Have Your Say Day.

I'd also like to acknowledge the representatives here today from Urban Growth NSW and Sydney Water, our partners in Green Square.

We have been committed from the beginning to involving the community of Green Square in formulating the future shape of their area, including our monthly Infohub here at the Green Square Markets.

As the urban renewal of this special area moves ahead, the City will keep providing opportunities for face-to-face information and consultation on the renewal program. These include our own $440 million program of new infrastructure and community facilities, as well as works by Urban Growth, Sydney Water and private developers.

Today, we're asking you to look at the concept designs and have your say on Gunyama Park and the Green Square Aquatic Centre by our winning architects Andrew Burges Architects with Grimshaw and TCL.

We also want your thoughts on new green spaces, Dyuralya Square and Mulgu Park, and on the concept design for the administration surrounds in the South Sydney Hospital site.

We've also got information on the Review of Environmental Factors for the Drying Green Park. So look at the plans here, talk to staff and have your say.

And to keep the children happy while you're doing that, there are some creative activities specially for them.

I'd like briefly to bring you up-to-date on some current projects and events:

  • We've started work to build the fabulous new Town Centre, next to the Green Square railways station
  • Work is continuing over the next few years on essential roads, services and public space
  • We're getting ready to start the early works for the Green Square Library & Plaza in the Town Centre and we'll continue to work with Urban Growth, with the contractors and with you to keep you informed about works, noise and vibration monitoring to minimise any disruptions.
  • Our project team here today can tell you more about the 2.4km storm water drain we're working on to reduce flooding around the town centre.

I'd also like to invite you to a Welcome Dinner being held on May 16 in the Green Square community hall which the City is hosting with the Join the Dots organisation as a potluck dinner for refugee and asylum seekers and local change-makers.

Also a reminder that next Saturday, May the 9, will be the next InfoHub here at the Markets, with a child and family focus for the Mother's Day weekend.

And for the sports and history fans out there, at 11.30am the City Historian, Lisa Murray, will be talking on horse trainer Thomas Lamond and Zetland Lodge.

Thank you all for coming here today. And remember, you can visit to keep up-to-date with our program at Green Square.