Green Square is Here

(12pm, Beaconsfield Park, 54 Queen Street)

Thank you Matty (Matty Slabacu, MC) and welcome to the Green Square is Here community day.

Green Square is transforming our southern precinct into a vibrant and sustainable urban development. At 278 hectares, it includes long-established suburbs like Rosebery and Beaconsfield - and today is all about recognising these older communities as an important part of this rapidly changing precinct.

It is also about recognition of the land on which we stand during this time of renewal. So, thank you to Uncle Max for the smoking ceremony and to Uncle Ray for your welcome to country.

From its industrial past, Green Square is emerging as a place of innovative housing design, business and retail, and new and old communities proud of their area's past and future.

The City has committed $440 million over the next 10 years to deliver quality infrastructure and community facilities. We've started our early works for the Library & Plaza, working alongside other developers in shaping the new Green Square Town Centre. Today you can see some images of what the streets in the new town centre will look like. We encourage you to speak to City staff and to view the plans for new community facilities for your area, including the new Library & Plaza, as well as Gunyama Park and the Green Square Aquatic Centre.

As this community grows, transport and other state-provided infrastructure will continue to be a pressing issue. I recently met with the State Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance to once again highlight the needs of residents in this rapidly growing area.

We're also working with residents who are experiencing the impacts of construction, and coordinating with Urban Growth NSW and private developers on a comprehensive community relations program during construction periods. If you would like to speak to someone about construction in your area, you can talk to the Council staff here today.

No great community day was ever delivered without partners, and I would like to acknowledge the fabulous work that South Eastern Community Connect (formerly SENC) are doing. They provide aged and disability programs, as well as plenty of activities for children and their parents. Be sure to catch the people bus (it leaves on the hour from the basketball ring) and wander over to the Beaconsfield Community Centre to see what's on offer. I hear they have Devonshire tea and painting activities. Thanks also to Community City tennis for putting on some terrific free family activities to get people out and active together.

And last, please stick around as our public historian, Lisa Murray will be providing a pre-launch reading from the RAW (Redfern Alexandria Waterloo) histories book. If you are interested in receiving a copy, track Lisa down after the speeches so she can add your name to the list.

Thank you all for coming and have a wonderful day!