Green Square Public School Sculpture Unveiling

(12pm, Friday 19 September 2014, Green Square Public School)

Thank you, Patrick, [Faucher MC]. Hello, everyone, it's great to be here for this unveiling.

I also want to acknowledge the artists, Susan Taylor and Peter Lewis, and all the students who worked with them to develop ideas about this school and this wider community that the sculpture could represent.

They were ideas about Green Square - a place in the midst of an incredible transformation; ideas about this school, where you all have an opportunity to transform your lives. They were ideas about Aboriginality and ceremony and sporting legends; about the local natural environment, about strength and creativity and about hope for the future.

The City was happy to be able to support it, after we were approached by the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio for a grant. It is the oldest independent sculpture school in Australia and does fantastic work not only mentoring emerging sculptors, but also providing scholarships to young people, and to people with disabilities.

It is, like the Green Square Public School, an inclusive place which uncovers the talents of each individual and gives them an environment in which they can grow.

At the City of Sydney, we want everyone to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of connection and community, and one to be encouraged to develop the very best of their potential.

So while the Green Square area is undergoing this great transformation, we have made the community our priority, setting aside places for community sporting facilities and meeting places and a fabulous new library and town square that will be the heart of the area.

As with all our projects, we will incorporate public art which will be expressive of the spirit and story of this special part of Sydney.

Meanwhile, we have this sculpture as the centrepiece of a place of ceremony for this school. It is an acknowledgement of the milestones achieved by all of you and an expression of the transformations you have undergone here.

It's a great pleasure to be invited to unveil it today. Once again, congratulations to all of you.