Harold Park Detailed Design Consultation

(5.30pm, Monday 3 March 2014, Glebe Town Hall)

Hello, everyone, welcome to this consultation meeting.

I'd also like to acknowledge The Hon Jamie Parker MP and Cr Darcy Burns, Mayor of Leichhardt.

This is our opportunity to show you the more detailed design for the new park which has evolved from your feedback on the initial proposals we presented to you last November.

Our negotiations with Mirvac have resulted in the dedication of 3.8 hectares for public open space which, integrated with the Crescent and The Hill, will total about 19 hectares.

Mirvac is well underway in completing ground remediation, earthworks and stabilisation, and under the voluntary planning agreement we negotiated, it is providing the City with $8 million towards the establishment of the open space.

We've incorporated your feedback form the November consultation into the proposals you'll hear tonight, and once again, we look forward to your responses.

Lisa Dodd from our City Projects team and Ingrid Mather from JMD Design will shortly give an overview of the design and outline for you the next steps in the process.

In brief, however, the park will include a series of open spaces for picnicking and informal games linked by areas of planting.

It will also feature a cliff habitat walk with native plantings and bio-retention areas to treat stormwater from the Toxteth Estate. This cliff walk was the most popular element of the design according to your feedback.

You were also pleased with the environmental benefits and the provision of habitat.

The park also includes a range of pathways linking to existing neighbourhoods, parks and the foreshore walk, though there was some concern expressed in the feedback about possible conflict with car access to the tram sheds.

You also had some suggestions to make about the location of the play space for children, and about other park amenities, lighting and planting.

We are also planning a contemporary structured garden near the tram sheds in acknowledgement of the past "workers' garden" and we are determined to ensure that the park is not only public space but that it feels and works like public space.

So now I'd like to ask Ingrid Mather to speak. Thank you all for your interest.