Harold Park on the Agenda

Following extensive public consultation, Council will consider adopting proposed new planning controls for the Harold Park site that will ensure that the 35 per cent of previously private open space on the site will become 35 per cent of public open space.

The controls also provide land for affordable housing, community space in the Tram Sheds, and an $8.25 million developer contribution toward creating the park and essential infrastructure.

The report to Council's Planning, Development and Transport Committee on Monday carefully reviews submissions from the recent public exhibition. It recommends that Council endorse the proposal, with key elements unchanged from the exhibited plan.

The report recommends Council adopt building heights in the exhibited plan because the development in the valley would be limited to the height of the predominant terrace housing in the area. It would improve or maintain public views throughout the area, with taller buildings towards the centre of the site to reduce overlooking and overshadowing.

It also recommends that Council decrease the amount of retail space within the development by about 50 percent to reduce impacts on established local shopping precincts. Issues of site access have been addressed, with the Roads and Traffic Authority agreeing to primary access from The Crescent, rather than smaller local roads.

Following suggestions from the Heritage Branch of the Department of Planning, Council will also strengthen some of the heritage controls to ensure the protection, conservation and adaptive reuse of the site's significant heritage items.


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