Harold Park Open Space Drop-In Session

(10.30am, Saturday 9 November 2012, Bicentennial Park)

Good morning, everyone, welcome to this information and feedback session. Today we'll be presenting the early concept designs for the new open space at Harold Park, and looking for your comments.

From our earliest negotiations over this site, I was determined to secure a long-term public legacy of dedicated open space in exchange for the increased densities and for the 38 per cent of the site that was currently private open space to become public open space.

This is the one of the important factors in increased densities working in the long-term - that is, when they are matched with generous and genuinely public open space. The other factors are good design; community facilities; and adequate transport.

We've secured this open space and in August, following extensive consultations, we adopted the Johnston's Creek Parklands Master Plan to guide the integration of the new open space at Harold Park with the Crescent and The Hill. Together, they make up about 19 hectares of inner-city open space.

Today's session is to look at the new open space at Harold Park - about 3.8 hectares dedicated by Mirvac.

The company will complete ground remediation, earthworks and stabilisation, and, under the voluntary planning agreement, provide the City with $8 million towards the establishment of the open space.

We've now developed a proposed design for that space and are keen to have your feedback.

The design includes:

  • A series of open spaces and habitat linked by the existing dramatic cliff line
  • Storm-water harvesting and treatment
  • A network of paths to connect existing and new neighbourhoods and parklands
  • Spaces for play and community gatherings
  • Opportunities for interpretation and public art and
  • Public domain lighting and park furniture

We're keen to have your feedback, and there are forms here today for that, and City staff who can take you through the proposal. There is also further opportunity on the Sydney Your Say website, so I hope you will all let us know what you think.

Your ideas and comments will help us finalise the design and we'll begin the process early next year.

Thank you again for coming, and I hope you'll be enthused by the proposals.