Harold Park tram sheds

The heritage Rozelle Tram Depot will be protected and conserved after Council approved the development application to reuse the historical building as a retail/commercial development on Monday night.

The tram sheds are currently in poor condition and require $34 million in conservation refurbishments The adaptive reuse of this historical building will dedicate 500 square metres for community facilities and 6,625 square metres of non-residential uses including a 2,345 square metres supermarket, a 400 square metre gym and individual retail stores.

The City has imposed more than 125 conditions on the approval for this development. To address specific concerns raised by some residents, Council further amended the development conditions to ensure supermarket customers cannot take trolleys beyond the entry doors on Maxwell Road. The outdoor car parking area may also be used for temporary local events.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 sets out our vision for every resident will be within a 10 minute walk of fresh food markets, child care, health services and leisure, social learning and cultural infrastructure. The reuse of the tram sheds will make that possible for thousands of people.

The existing Johnstons Creek Bridge will be upgraded and a new pedestrian and bike paths created to access to the site. The final design and location of this shared path bridge will be subject to approval by the City.

Some local residents raised concerns about vehicle access to the site via Chapman Road. The Crescent and Ross Street will continue to provide vehicle access to Harold Park and the tram sheds. Council is the owner of land between Chapman Road and the eastern side of the Johnstons Creek Bridge, which means we will control the redesigning of this space. We will monitor traffic speed, signage and other traffic calming measures to ensure public safety.

The City has fought hard over many years to retain control of the planning decisions for Harold Park, rather than lose them to the old Part 3A planning laws that robbed other communities of having a say.

The City has been working closely with the local community since 2009 to develop appropriate planning controls for Harold Park, which Council adopted in February 2011. The development of Harold Park and its close proximity to light rail will create opportunity for 1,250 dwellings and it is important that the new population is supported with high quality community facilities.

The City and local community have had many important wins on this site, including the dedication of the 3.8 hectares of new public open space which was formerly private land.

We'll continue to work to get the best possible outcomes for the entire area.

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