Have a Say on Smoking

I encourage concerned residents to comment on NSW Health's "Strategic Directions for Tobacco Control in NSW 2011-2016 Discussion Paper". The Paper identifies that smoking rates continue to decline - only 17.2 per cent of adults in Australia smoke daily now, compared to 24 per cent in 1997.

The Discussion Paper lists these priorities: 1. Continue social marketing campaigns to help smokers quit; 2. Continue evidence based services to help smokers quit; 3. Work with Aboriginal communities and peak bodies to reduce smoking and exposure to smoke; 4. More effort to reduce smoking among people with high smoking rates such as low socio-economic groups and some culturally and linguistically diverse groups; 5. Eliminate advertising and promotion of tobacco products and restrict the availability and supply of tobacco, especially to children; 6. Reduce exposure to tobacco smoke in workplaces, public places and other settings; 7. More action to prevent young people starting to smoke; and 8. Better research, monitoring, evaluation and reporting on tobacco control.

The Discussion Paper suggests amending the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 to ban smoking in commercial outdoor eating areas; public playgrounds and within 10m of children's play equipment; in and around public swimming pools and public recreation centres; in sporting stadia; at public sports grounds; at enclosed or covered bus stops and taxi ranks; and within 4m of the entrance to a public building.

Submissions are due 5 pm Friday 28 January 2011.


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