Have Your Say on Sydney Park's Water Reuse Scheme

The City is currently seeking feedback on designs for our largest water harvesting project to date.

The project is part of a $10 million upgrade being proposed for Sydney Park and is jointly funded by the Federal Government.

The upgrade could see up to 850 million litres of stormwater, or the equivalent of 340 Olympic pools, recycled and cleaned. The water will be used in the park, wetlands and potentially local businesses. The project includes landscaping to connect two of the existing wetlands and creating a new picnic area.

Visitors to the park will be able to stroll along scenic waterway paths, cross inviting weirs and be surrounded by lush canopy of trees.

This work will help meet the City's target to increase the use of recycled water to 25 per cent and be a source for the City's proposed city-wide recycled water network for various non drinking uses.

We are currently wasting up to 50 per cent of our drinking water by using it to irrigate parks, flush toilets and in air-conditioning cooling towers.

The Sydney Park water cleansing project will provide an alternative water source and reduce pressure on drinking water supplies.

The first part of the project at Sydney Park has already seen up to 50 million litres of stormwater collected and cleaned from surrounding streets.

I encourage you to come to our community consultation day about the proposed designs which I will open on Sunday 16 October at 12:30pm. Submissions on our plans can be made in writing until 28 October.


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