Have your say on the City's draft Care Worker Parking Policy

On Monday, Council approved the draft Care Worker Parking Permit Policy for public exhibition.

Many residents of the City of Sydney rely on in-home care for their health and independence. As Sydney's population ages, the demand for in-home health care and in-home aged care services is expected to rise. The draft Care Worker Permit Policy will better facilitate residents who need in-home health care.

Currently, these residents need either a Health Carer Permit or Visitor Permit on behalf of their care worker. The care worker has to collect and return the permit with each visit. This arrangement is time consuming and impractical for care workers. It also places an unnecessary burden on those who may be frail, ill or struggling with hearing and vision loss, dementia, limited mobility, or intellectual disability.

The draft Policy will allow organisations to apply for permits on behalf of their resident client base. These permits will bear the registration of the vehicle and exempt it from time limits and parking charges in the same manner as a resident parking permit.

The draft Policy will be available for comment from 10 April on the City's website.


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