Help Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

A small number of circuses in NSW still force wild animals like monkeys, lions and elephants to perform.
Prolonged confinement, constant travelling, strict training regimes, and artificial socialisation are in stark contrast to life in the wild where animals live in close-knit family bonds in grasslands or jungles.

Circus animals show stereotypical behaviours like repetitive pacing and swaying because of the stress and boredom, even where circuses are well managed.

Forcing wild animals to do tricks teaches children nothing about the real life of animals in the wild and discourages respect for animals.

Last week I tabled an RSPCA, Animals Australia and Animals Asia petition with over 10,000 signatures calling for a ban on wild animals in circuses, which will force debate on the issue next week in Parliament.

This level of cruelty has no place in modern entertainment and I ask you to lobby the Premier and your local MP to commit to a ban during the debate.


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