Help Save Dogs from Death Row this Christmas

Help find homes for pet dogs on death row by getting a 2012 Doggie Rescue calendar.

Doggie Rescue finds homes for dogs after rescuing them from pounds. Rescued dogs are micro-chipped, desexed and checked by a vet, then adopted by permanent loving homes.

The calendar is Doggie Rescue's major fundraising activity. Help Doggie Rescue reach its goal of selling 5000 calendars. They make a great Christmas gift for dog loving family, friends and neighbours. The money raised makes a big difference to hundreds of dogs each year - nearly 700 dogs have been saved so far by sales of this worthwhile calendar.

Doggie Rescue has a no kill policy, meaning all saved dogs are found new homes. Australia has a disgraceful record of killing nearly a quarter of a million dogs each year. This is about ten times more than the number of dogs killed in the UK even though it has nearly double Australia's population. The University of Queensland's Centre for Companion Animal Health says in that in Australia and the USA more dogs die from euthanasia each year than disease, accidents or old age.

Dogs play an important role in peoples' lives. They provide support, companionship and can help people connect with each other as owners and their pets gather in parks throughout the City every morning.


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