Heritage Recognition for Our Industrial Past

We're proposing to heritage list 62 of the City's old industrial warehouses - once home to the factories and manufacturing plants that helped transform Sydney into one of the largest industrialised cities in the South Pacific.

Sydney's remaining industrial buildings and structures provide evidence of the major change in Australia when manufacturing surpassed farming and mining as the main employer in the 1940s.

Protecting these factories and industrial buildings helps us protect the character and history of our villages.

Where the proposed heritage listings are located.

Where the proposed heritage listings are located.

The majority of buildings recommended for listing date from the peak period of Sydney's industrialisation during the inter-war and post-war periods from the 1920s to the 50s. In the mix is the last remaining IXL jam factory in Sydney, the Chesty Bond mural, the Rosella and the Wrigley factories and the Alexandria Spinning Mills.

A team of heritage, history, architecture, archaeology and planning experts spent 12 months surveying more than 450 industrial places across Sydney to identify the structures of greatest integrity and historical value.

We're now consulting with the community on whether the most significant 62 buildings, structures, complexes and two industrial precincts should be heritage listed.

This won't mean that the sites are frozen in time and untouched forevermore. Heritage listings provide certainty in the development process for owners and ensure character and significance is maintained when redeveloped or adapted for reuse.

You can view the proposed heritage listings and provide feedback at sydneyyoursay.com.au until 30 June 2015.

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