Proper planning for a higher skyline

We have just completed the most detailed planning review of the city centre in more than four decades. This is city planning at its finest. 

The draft “Central Sydney Planning Strategy”, which we will put on exhibition for your feedback after our Council meeting, will allow the city to grow and respond to global market changes, while making sure sunlight continues to shine through to treasured public spaces including Hyde Park, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Martin Place and Wynyard Park.

This strategy is the result of three years of research into each city block. After careful examination of the way sunlight falls through the city (the blue colouring in the picture above) we have a plan to ensure tomorrow’s Sydney works for the people who live and work here.

Instead of decisions made behind closed doors, as we've seen at other levels of government, this is evidence-based work that considers the current and future needs of our city.

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