Hitting the Garage Sale Trail

Garages, front yards, parks, libraries and shops across Sydney will become a part of Australia's biggest garage sale tomorrow in the third annual Garage Sale Trail.

The City of Sydney will turn a Surry Hills cul-de-sac, Richards Avenue, into a must-visit destination on the trail. I will kick off the day's bargain hunting on Richards Avenue at 10am, and I hope you can join me.

Sydney's first food truck - Cantina Mobil - will be on hand to help hungry shoppers kick-start their trail experience. Neighbours will be selling fashion, work clothes, sneakers, books, albums and DVDs, while ukulele group Aubrey and Purton play live music.

The day will be a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and snap up some great second hand finds. It's a fun event that will also help our environment by preventing perfectly good items ending up in landfill.

Hundreds of sales across the City of Sydney have already been registered online. Find out who is selling what, where - as well as plotting your own trail for the day - by visiting the website.

Sydneysiders visiting the website can also win prizes for registering a garage sale online, or making the best suggestion for what should be up for sale on the day.

Across Australia around 4000 separate garage sales will take place. Already, more than half a million second-hand items, valued at over $2,330,000, have been registered online for sales on the day.

Garage Sale Trail began with a few neighbours in Bondi in 2010. The City of Sydney is proud to be supporting this great event - another example of a practical, innovative and fun idea from the Sydney community.


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