How to clean up your e-waste

In Australia we buy more than four million computers and three million TVs each year and close to 90 per cent of that ends up in landfill. As well as putting more pressure on limited landfill capacity, electronic waste, or e-waste, can be hazardous because it contains toxic materials that can leach into the groundwater and soil.

E-waste is growing at three times the rate of general waste. Computers, TVs, microwaves, iPods and mobiles are just some of the dozens of appliances that Australians use and discard daily.

To keep e-waste out of landfill, the City offers free quarterly drop-off days for City of Sydney residents. Since November 2008, we've recycled more than 136 tonnes of e-waste, dropped off by close to 4,000 residents.

If your electrical equipment is still working, we encourage you to try to give it away to people who might need it first. OzRecycle or Gumtree can help. These online recycling communities help the environment and reduce landfill by making it easier for people to give away things they no longer need.


  • The City's final free e-waste drop-off day for 2011 will be held on Sunday 4 December at our Bay Street Depot in Ultimo from 9am - 3pm.

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