How to vote to keep Sydney independent, progressive and community=led

Looking for tips on how to vote this City of Sydney election? Click the flyer below to find out how to vote for the Clover Moore Independent Team, and click the map to see where you can vote!



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Progressive. Courageous. Results.

For over a decade, we’ve led progressive, stable and corruption-free city governments.

We’ve fought for the people who live and work here, celebrated and supported our diverse and creative communities, and created lasting change across the city.

"Her three Lord Mayoral terms have helped to reshape Sydney" -- The Sydney Morning Herald, 20/5/2016

If the old parties get control of Town Hall they will sell off assets, divert or stop investment in community facilities, and wind back our action on climate change.

There's so much at stake, but we have a compelling record, a vision for the future and a talented team to take the city forward.  

Our top priorities for the next term 

Only the Clover Moore Independent Team will continue championing progressive polices and protecting inner city communities from destructive plans by the State and Federal Governments and their vested interest mates.  

Our Independent Team is committed to: 

  1. Deliver on our ambitious environmental targets, including $20 million for renewable energy, a high rise retrofit program to improve sustainability for the 75% of residents who live in apartments, and a net zero emissions building competition. 
  2. Deliver our 10-year, $1.8 billion infrastructure plan with more than 370 projects city-wide, including stunning new parks, libraries, childcare and playgrounds, fields and more open space. 
  3. Hold the State Government to account on bad projects being rammed through the city, including the $16.8 billion WestConnex toll road, rampant overdevelopment at Redfern-Waterloo, the hammer blow of lockouts, and repeated attempts to build over Moore Park. 

Your vote is important

Elections for the City of Sydney Council will be held this Saturday 10 September 2016 and I am running again to keep our City independent, community led and progressive.

We've seen what the big old parties do when they control development - whether it's Part 3A or State Significant Development, if they take power at Town Hall they will take directions from Macquarie Street and the City will become a political football. What we’ve seen the major parties do at a State and Federal level is cut funding to the arts, scrap climate action and sell off assets.

There’s so much at stake for our City. Don’t risk our City with the major parties – on Saturday make sure you vote 1 for Clover Moore and vote 1 for the Clover Moore Independent Team.