Improve the 433 Bus

I have asked the Minister for Transport to continue and extend the hours of the 433 bus service to Walsh Bay, and to review the route and layover to prevent noise impacts. I understand the service was about to be stopped.

Public transport is vital for the visitors attending cultural events in this precinct, as well as about 700 residents and 3000 workers. Daytime services should be added to the existing evening runs.

Residents in Towns Place and Dalgety Street have raised concerns about noise and air pollution, particularly from idling buses waiting, and I've asked the Minister to also consider the best routes and measures to prevent impacts on residents.

The previous Government introduced a trial extension of the 433 bus to Walsh Bay after a community campaign with my strong support in Parliament. While ferry services and light rail are planned for Barangaroo in future, residents, businesses and visitors need public transport now.

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