Improving our streets and villages

The City's work to improve our streets and villages will continue with Council's unanimous endorsement of streetscape renewals for Abercrombie Street, Darlington and Crown, Baptist and Cleveland Streets, Surry Hills.

I met with local businesses and residents from Surry Hills in October last year to discuss a series of staged improvements. At the moment Cleveland Street is unpleasant for pedestrians and new landscaping should improve amenity on the footpath and separate people from the constant stream of traffic. Hedges and 16 new trees will be planted in Cleveland Street and existing garden beds in Baptist Street will be expanded.

Further work will be carried out in stages following community consultation. The removal of footpath clutter along with quality kerbstones and paving will improve the intersection of Crown and Baptist Streets at Cleveland Street. The separated bridleway for police horses in Baptist Street will be further landscaped including stormwater filtering treatments. The closure of High Holborn Street at Cleveland Street will be refurbished as will the pedestrian walkway between Crown and Wilshire Street.

Work to create more footpath space and improve the Darlington village will also begin in a few months. Abercrombie Street is used by thousands of students as they walk between Redfern Station and Sydney University. The City will widen the footpath and install new paving, plant 14 new street trees and new garden beds, create safer intersections at cross streets and underground overhead powerlines. The street will be converted to 40km/hour speed limit for improved safety (subject to approval by the RMS).

The City worked to develop the design with local businesses and residents throughout 2011.


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