Industry Forum: Renewable Cities

Today we're launching our Renewable Energy Master Plan, and I welcome Allan Jones and I welcome our panellists who will bring a broad perspective on the opportunities that are available. We're also keen to hear your ideas and to answer any issues you might raise during our Q&A session a little alter.

The Renewable Energy Master Plan is the latest in a suite of master plans being prepared by the City as part of our work to reduce carbon emissions and meet our Sustainable Sydney 2030 goals.

We've already adopted master plans for Decentralised Water and Decentralised Energy and Tri-generation, and we're working on a plan to promote energy efficiency for buildings across Sydney.

The Renewables master plan demonstrates that there are sufficient renewable resources for gas and electricity within 250 km of the City to meet all requirements for electricity, heating and cooling right across the Local Government Area by 2030.

These will come chiefly from solar and wind power, as well as from renewable gases derived from waste.

The Master Plan is based on a detailed assessment of renewable energy opportunities in the Sydney region, with reports from Arup, Talent with Energy, and the Allen Consulting Group.

It includes world's best-practice case studies showing how other advanced economies are dealing with the intermittent nature of renewable energy. Germany is a prime example of a country which is developing the energy policies that will allow it to achieve a 100 per cent uninterrupted, reliable and safe renewable energy system.

If we are to build a renewable energy future for Sydney, we will do it only in partnership with business and industry, with other levels of government and with our community.

So we welcome you to Town Hall this afternoon to hear in more detail about our research. And in turn, we look forward to hearing your contributions to the conversation about renewable energy.

Our panellists represent the key sectors for renewable energy and they bring a broad perspective about the opportunities available.

After today's discussions, we are keen to have your feedback on the draft Renewable Energy Master Plan which is open for your comments at until Tuesday, September 3.

Thank you again for coming here today.