International Panel to Discuss Climate Action

On Monday a free Climate Commission forum, Critical Choices: Australia's place in the world, is being held in the Lower Town Hall. The forum brings together six prominent and influential international guests to share their knowledge and experience of global climate change action.

Australia's independent Climate Commission was established earlier this year to provide an open and trusted source of information on climate change science and solutions. The Commission brings together internationally renowned climate scientists with policy and business leaders.
As part of the Commission's mandate - to report on the progress of international action in dealing with climate change, Monday's free forum offers you the opportunity to hear from Australia's Chief Climate Commissioner, Professor Tim Flannery, and experts from the world's biggest economies, including the United States, China, Indonesia and India, on what their countries are doing to tackle climate change because, despite the rhetoric, Australia is not acting alone. The experts include:

  • Ms Linda Adams, Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Authority, United States;
  • Dr Jiang Kejun, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission, China;
  • Dr Daniel Kammen, Chief Technical Specialist for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, World Bank;
  • Dr Kirit Parikh, Chairman, Integrated Research and Action for Development, India;
  • Mr Agus Purnomo, Special Assistant to the President, Indonesia; and
  • Professor Minik Rosing, Natural History Museum of Denmark.


  • Climate Commission forum, Critical Choices: Australia's place in the world: Monday 12 September, 12pm-1.30pm, Lower Sydney Town Hall, George Street Sydney. Entry is free and everybody is invited.
  • Register at: or call (02) 6159 7624.

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