Introducing a team to get things done

I'm so proud to introduce a new team of candidates to join me as Independents in the City of Sydney's local government election on 8 September.

Our team is made up of experienced and passionate people with deep backgrounds in governance, planning, business, creative culture and advocacy. We have experience advocating for our community, we have a plan for the future with a strong record of achievement and we are a team that cares about our city and the people in it.

The 2012 Clover Moore Independent Team:

  • Clover Moore - Independent MP since 1988, Lord Mayor of Sydney since 2004 and a tireless advocate for the city and city communities. She champions beautiful public spaces and community facilities, support for the creative industry and action on climate change. Her Lord Mayoral Salary Trust has donated over $1M to inner city charities
  • Robyn Kemmis - experienced administrator and former Councillor. Robyn studied Economics and worked in publishing and tourism in London. She has held senior management positions in the NSW Public Service and was Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) at UTS. Robyn is committed to community participation in local government and is very active in the Glebe community
  • John Mant - lawyer and planning expert with decades of experience at the highest levels. John has written legislation for state and federal governments including the Local Government Act and was Acting Commissioner at ICAC and a Professor of Planning at UTS. John is president of the Paddington Society
  • Robert Kok - Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney. He is a practicing lawyer and past president of the Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW, the largest Chinese community association in NSW. Robert is a WWF-Australia Governor, Chair of the City's Chinese New Year Festival committee. Robert is chair of the City's Finance Committee overseeing debt free budgets and funding for future projects. Robert has a young family
  • Nell Schofield - writer, broadcaster and documentary maker who was also trained as a Climate Reality Project presenter by Al Gore. Nell starred in Puberty Blues, co-wrote the play Strictly Ballroom and has been an arts & film reporter for the ABC, CNN, Showtime and a host of others. She's also a surfer and keen bike rider
  • Jenny Green - Academic Director at the National Judicial College of Australia and lecturer at UTS. Jenny is a Director on the board of Tradewinds a not for profit fair trade organisation. Jenny led a successful community campaign which resulted in legislative reform to deal with backpackers selling vehicles on Victoria Street, Kings Cross
  • Claudia Bowman - successful small business owner and co-ordinator of the Kings Cross Parents and Carers Association, with its weekly Junior Jivers sessions at the Wayside Chapel. Claudia has two children, with a third on the way
  • Alex Greenwich - has led the push for marriage equality in Australia. As the convenor of Australian Marriage Equality Alex has inspired thousands of people to support the cause and built broad public support to end discrimination. He is the managing director of a financial recruitment business in the city and a happily married man.

I've led an Independent Team of residents and business people since 2004 and I want to thank the members of my current team who have worked with me to transform our city.

Together we've led a successful, stable government with a strong record of achievement. Parks and reserves have been renewed with new ones created such as Pirrama and Harmony parks and nearly every children's playground has been upgraded.

We've overseen the development of award winning community, sporting and leisure facilities such as Surry Hills Library, Redfern Park and Oval, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and the soon to be opened Prince Alfred Park Pool.

Sydney's creative culture, festivals and events are world-renowned. The small bar revolution I championed has meant more choice in our nightlife.

We've developed a new City Plan, working over five years to simplify more than 60 different planning control documents from former central Sydney, Glebe and South Sydney councils.

Our city is tackling climate change head on, supporting start up innovation and building a stronger sense of local community. And we've developed Sustainable Sydney 2030 - the city's long term plan for the future - with your support and participation.

All this with balanced budgets every year and investments to finance major projects over the next 10 years.

Now it's time to pursue bigger and more exciting challenges for our city - the introduction of local, low energy precincts to take Sydney off the coal fired electricity grid, the introduction of light rail down George Street and the development of a new city town centre complete with new facilities at Green Square.

My new team are effective champions for their local communities and represent a broad range of interests.

This election is incredibly important. Our work to transform Sydney into a progressive, exciting, tolerant city is under threat by the major political parties and vested interests.

If you care about the future of your city and want proven leaders representing your interests then please vote for the Clover Moore Independent Team on 8 September.

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