Invite: Launch of Bamal Way and Sydney Park Water Re-use Project

This weekend we're opening two new City projects - our Sydney Park Water Re-use project and the Bamal Way pedestrian and cycle connection between Coulson Street in Erskenville and Sydney Park Road.

I'd love for you to join me at both events. There will be entertainment, giveaways and food at both from 11am - 1pm and I will be at Bamal Way at 11:45am and Sydney Park at 12:15pm.

Bamal WayBamal

Bamal Way provides a much-needed pedestrian and cycle connection between Coulson Street in Erskenville and Sydney Park Road. Works include:

  • A new concrete pathway linking Coulson St to Sydney Park Rd
  • Ramp and stair access to Sydney Park Rd for pram and disabled access
  • A lawn area, new planting beds and terraced retaining walls
  • Stormwater drainage works
  • New trees for extra shade and shrubs; and
  • New lighting to the path and stairway

Bamal is a Sydney language word for 'earth, clay or ground'. Bamal Way is on the site of the former Bakewell Brothers pottery works.

Sydney ParkSydney

We have just completed an $11.3 million upgrade of Sydney Park wetlands, including the creation of the City's largest system for harvesting storm-water. It can harvest up to 1,0000 litres a second in a major storm, and will capture and clean around 890 mega-litres each year, providing a sustainable water supply for the park and for its wetland rehabilitation.

Any remaining water will be cleaned and return to the Alexandria Canal.

Since 2004, we have invested $23.25 million in capital works to transform a derelict former brick-making site into a varied and attractive regional park, offering ample scope for active and passive recreation for all ages, a much-needed green lung for this heavily populated part of Sydney.

In this recent upgrade we have also created new pathways and viewing platforms through the wetlands, with a water cascade, bridges and picnic tables.

Why these upgrades are important

Around one million people a year use Sydney Park. The immediate catchment area for the park has 750,000 residents and more are coming. By 2030, there will be an estimated population of over 53,000 at Green Square and by 2027, development of the Ashmore Estate will boost the local population by another 6,300.

We need greater densities in built up city areas for a number of reasons - including sustainability and affordability. But greater densities only work when they are accompanied by the appropriate facilities - including green public spaces.

This is why one of my priorities has been providing parks and green spaces across the LGA, from the big waterfront parks like those at Glebe and Pyrmont, to pocket parks and playgrounds and over 10,000 street plantings.

Impact of WestConnex

The proposal to widen Campbell Road and Euston Road, shaving off part of the Sydney Park for WestConnex and funnel at least 33,000 cars a day into St Peters is disastrous.

This $15.4 billion roads project will eat up transport funding for decades, and rob us of the chance to build 21st century solutions.

The NSW Government has not released a business case to back up the claims that the project will be good for Sydney, and may be massively overestimating how many people will use the toll roads.

The City has released the only, independent research into the project, and the results are alarming.

The toll road will push even more people onto already congested routes. Traffic on Parramatta Road will increase 25 per cent as people try to avoid expensive tolls.

By 2021 over 31,000 vehicles a day will be dumped at the St Peters interchange located next to Sydney Park. This will increase to over 55,000 vehicles by 2041.

These vehicles will end up on local roads that aren't designed to cope with that amount of traffic. It will create more congestion and seriously impact on Ashmore and Green Square and there could be a serious impact on our much loved Sydney Park.

The City will continue to oppose the plans for WestConnex and I urge you to continue to make your voices heard, too.

Read more about how to do that here:

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