Keeping community transport running

Community transport is a lifeline without which thousands of city residents, including the young, elderly and socially disadvantaged, wouldn't be able to shop, make it to doctors' appointments or visit friends and family.

The City does its best to provide transport for our community but we know there are people in the community who can make a real difference. That's why we support community-based organisations like South East Sydney Community Transport to run services - including our successful Village to Village buses.

Next week, Council will consider extending its grant to South East Sydney Community Transport until 2016, while the NSW Government considers the "Living Longer Living Better" aged care reform package.

The reform package includes a review of community transport, which means we have had to put implementation of our draft Community Transport Transition Strategy on hold.

In the meantime, this grant would ensure that our residents still have access to high-quality, reliable transport .

Village to Village shuttle buses help link locals with the inner city, as well as neighbours and shops closer to home; providing a welcome boost for local small businesses.

Together, the City of Sydney and South East Sydney Community provide accessible and affordable options for people who have difficulty using public transport.

Village to Village shuttle buses run between 9am and 5pm on Thursdays and Fridays and operate on four routes:

• Route 1 - Redfern to Broadway, via Glebe;

• Route 2 - Woolloomooloo to Redfern, via Chinatown;

• Route 3 - Redfern to Broadway, via Alexandria; and

• Route 4 - Broadway to Woolloomooloo, via CBD

The service includes an assistant on-board to help you get your shopping bags on and off the bus and into your home.

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