Keeping our city safe at night

The City of Sydney is taking action to help make our city a safer place at night. Beginning this weekend, our teams of late-night Ambassadors will provide advice and assistance to people in Kings Cross and along George Street.

During a successful trial last summer our Ambassadors provided help to thousands of people, including giving directions, getting people home safely at the end of the night and offering minor medical assistance.

Our Ambassadors can also act as an extra pair of ears and eyes on the street. They can radio the City's CCTV control room or police to help diffuse difficult situations before they get out of control.

This is on top of a major security camera upgrade and Alcohol Free Zone restrictions around Kings Cross in response to community and NSW Police concerns about safety and anti-social behaviour.

Other measures we're putting in place for summer include temporary toilets on Oxofrd Street, in Kings Cross and at Sydney Town Hall; a new tourist information kiosk open until 11pm at Springfield Mall; temporary electronic billboards to manage traffic in and out of Kings Cross and more bins in busy late night areas.

The State Government is also putting measures in place to address the lack of late night transport in Kings Cross. A secure taxi rank has been established on Bayswater Road, including a trial of pre-paid fares, and free buses will run from Kings Cross to Town Hall and Central train stations between 1am and 5am.

On top of this, the City is investing in great public art, events, festivals, food trucks and more to make sure there is a range of great entertainment options in Sydney at night.

Making Sydney a welcoming, fun and safe place at night will also need to involve reforms to planning and liquor licensing laws to give local councils the power to say 'enough is enough' when there are too many venues and I will continue to work with the State Government on these issues.



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