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Keep Sydney creative

Sydney’s creative community plays a vital role in our city’s cultural life, they drive our local economy and enrich the lives of people who live and visit – it’s high time governments got behind them and reinstated funding to this critical sector. 

The creative sector is the city’s second largest employer, employing 32,571 people (8.3%). It drives 9% of the city’s economy, equivalent to about $8.2million, and it is the fastest growing contributor to our city’s economy at 3.4% per year. Plus it plays a critically important role in attracting visitors to our area.

There is a higher concentration of creative businesses in the City than across NSW - and the City’s groundbreaking Creative City Policy, Live Music and Performance Action Plan and OPEN Sydney Strategy were developed to create an environment where ideas, imagination and creativity can flourish. We’ve taken practical action through support for major events and festivals, grants programs, public art, small bars and providing start-up opportunities.

We're committed to protecting and strengthening Sydney's creative and cultural sector, but we can't do it alone - will you sign up and stand with us?