Kepos Street playground

This weekend I will re-open a tiny pocket park in the heart of Redfern - will you RSVP to join me when I re-open the park that set me on my career as a community independent? 

Forty years ago, my husband Peter and I had moved home from London with our two children, and we wanted to live in the city. A tiny little place in Redfern was all we could afford. When you told people you lived in Redfern back then, they gasped.

When we set off to the local park, I was shocked to find it completely concreted-in with tall cyclone wire fencing. The council told me it was easier to sweep up the glass that way. 

I set off down Bourke Street with my baby and toddler, gathering the support of the local Greek and Turkish mothers. We started a little group called Community Concern East Redfern – beavering away for three years, building our own playground and holding working bees. In 1980, a Council election came around and I asked everyone if they would like to run – when no one else would, I put my hand up.

To everyone’s surprise – especially my own – I was elected.

The rest is history – and I now look around Redfern and the city and am so proud of the wonderful, leafy environment we’ve created.

I would be thrilled if you could join me at the official launch of the playground on Kepos Street in Redfern this Saturday 17 February from 11am-1pm. 

February 17, 2018 at 11am - 1pm
Corner of Kepos and Zamia Streets, Redfern
Clover Moore
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Hi , will you come?

Will you come?