Late Night Economy Worth 15 Billion Dollars

Our research into the City's night time economy showed that it contributes more than 15 billion dollars a year and accounts for one third of jobs across the city.

We need a city that works for everyone, so the City is developing a vision for Sydney at night with the people who live, use, work in or manage the city after hours.

In 2010, the City commissioned a number of studies into Sydney's late night economy exploring what works and doesn't work internationally, examining the pedestrian activity in key entertainment precincts and looking at the costs and benefits of late night activity.

We also conducted an extensive consultation process - talking to residents, the liquor industry, retail, emergency services residents, visitors, tourists and clubbers to find out their ideas for fixing what's going wrong and ensuring that Sydney's late night economy continues to grow and develop.

The research revealed that Sydneysiders love their food - people spend almost five times more on food and entertainment than on alcohol.

The research confirms the results of our community consultation - people want more restaurants and outdoor eateries, more movie festivals and concerts and museums, retail and art galleries opening late.

Having a drink with friends or workmates will always be an important part of Sydney's night-time culture, but people want to be able to combine that with lots of other activities, and we want to help make that happen.

It's vital we find the right balance for all users of the city, from those doing business here to visitors and of course our residents.

These results and the findings of the consultation have informed a discussion paper which will be presented to Councillors at a Committee meeting on Monday 31 October.

I encourage everyone to read the discussion paper and tell us what you think. You can also comment on the website or on twitter

The results from this second consultation will be used as the basis of a Late Night Economy policy which will be developed in the New Year.


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