Laying the ground work for Green Square

At an extraordinary council meeting on Monday night, Councillors awarded a tender for an important piece of work for the future of the Green Square town centre.

The City can now make detailed plans for essential infrastructure in the area, including streets, footpaths, street furniture and landscaping. We can also develop plans for the green infrastructure, sewers, drainage, water, gas, telecommunications and electrical supplies.

Our 10-year plan for the area includes a new library and plaza, parks and open spaces, a health and recreation centre and other community venues.

The redevelopment of Green Square is an $8 billion dollar project, by 2030 the area is expected to attract 40,000 new residents and 22,000 new workers.

It takes vision and long term commitment to make projects of this huge scale work well.

With careful planning Green Square could be a great model of urban redevelopment that people will value and other cities could follow. Without careful planning, it could become a home to thousands of people who don't have access to the things that make a place a community.

The City is making sure this planning work is done to a very high standard and is done before communities move in to the area.

When the State Government talks about the need for faster development and a smaller role for local councils and communities - this is the kind of planning that is at risk.

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