LEAF lift off

Today the City took delivery of 10 new zero-pollution Nissan LEAF electric cars. These pollution-free electric cars are an investment in a smarter, cleaner and quieter city.

Last year 120,000 plug-in electric vehicles were sold globally and manufacturers estimate that in 2020 up to one third of their global sales will be electric or hybrids as demand grows, prices fall, and consumers move away from using fossil fuels.

While our current fleet of hybrid cars is a step in the right direction, hybrids still need to burn petrol, which creates pollution.

As part of our regular fleet upgrades, we are taking advantage of new technology created by Nissan to clean up Sydney's air.

The NSW Government's State of the Environment Report recently said Sydney's air quality was continuing to exceed national standards on some days of the year.

The Nissan LEAF produces no pollution; in fact, they don't even have a tailpipe! This means less carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other noxious gases being pumped into Sydney's air.

Any pollution created by charging the electric vehicles will be offset by zero-carbon electricity produced by new solar panels being installed on City buildings.

Over the next 18 months 5,500 solar panels will be installed on 30 buildings, creating one of the largest building-mounted solar installations in Australia.

These electric cars are extremely cost-effective. They are 85 per cent cheaper to run than standard petrol cars - in fact they have the lowest running cost of any car on the market. They have a range of 170 km before they need a recharge.

We know that already more than 700,000 cars move about central Sydney each day contributing to pollution, congestion and noise.

To make electric vehicles a more viable options for people, government and industry must work together to install the critical infrastructure drivers need to easily recharge their vehicles.

The City has installed seven electric charging stations at its public parking stations in Kings Cross and Goulburn Street.

Australia's first public electric-vehicle charging station was installed by Charge Point in Glebe, in 2010. It charges a plug-in Prius operated by GoGet car share, and is used by more than 500 residents and businesses.

The City is helping to reduce the impact our transport has on Sydney and supporting the growth of zero-pollution electric vehicles.

A shift to electric cars powered by low-carbon energy has benefits for everyone - lower running costs, lower pollution and quieter streets.

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