Letter to the Premier regarding WestConnex public meeting

On 16 March 2015, the City of Sydney hosted a public meeting at Sydney Town Hall about WestConnex attended by around 500 people.

The meeting strongly endorsed concerns that the project would not achieve the NSW Government's stated objectives.

In the lead-up to this weekend's state election I have sent the resolutions of that meeting to the Premier, Mike Baird, for response. The project should be halted until, in the interests of democracy and transparency, the state government can explain the basis for its $11.5 billion WestConnex project and why public transport based on the Sydney metropolitan strategy was not instead prioritised.

Click to read letter to Premier

Click to read letter to Premier

The public meeting called on the state government to:

  1. Immediately halt the development process of WestConnex, including compulsory acquisition of homes, given its massive projected costs, inability to achieve its stated purposes and its damaging impacts on densely populated inner city communities;
  2. Release all documents concerning the rationale and need for WestConnex, particularly the full business case and cost-benefit analysis;
  3. Prioritise Sydney Metropolitan transport planning with a mix of roads and heavy and light rail projects that includes strong links between Western Sydney regional cities and takes into account a future Badgerys Creek Airport; and
  4. Commit to the completion of a full social, environmental and economic impact report with public input before commencing tendering and contracting on future road and transport projects.

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