Liberal leader must deliver on bike promise

I am disappointed that Barry O'Farrell has decided to politicise cycleways ahead of the state election. I am sure his statements will be alarming to the thousands of bike riders who use and support our cycleways every day—freeing up space on our roads and public transport for others.

The facts are:

  • No traffic lanes have been taken out for cycleways or shared paths;
  • We have seen the numbers of bike riders doubling and tripling in areas where links have been built—especially the Kent Street corridor by riders travelling to and from the north shore;
  • The cycleways are there to provide another transport option for those who live close to the city centre; and
  • Once the network has been built it will take 300,000 car trips daily off the road—easing congestion and freeing up valuable road space for those who do need to drive.

Barry is directly contradicting what Mark Neeham, the Campaign Director of the Liberals and Ben Franklin the Campaign Director of the Nationals said to Bike NSW recently:

"The NSW Liberals & Nationals strongly support cycling as a viable, active transport option. Under the NSW Liberals & Nationals Integrated Transport Authority, we will ensure Sydney's missing links are built and that cycling and other transport modes are integrated to make cycling a real option for commuters." (Bike NSW website)

I invite Mr O'Farrell to spell out, ahead of the election, how he plans to deliver better bike access to the city.

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