Library amnesty begins on Sunday

Do you have an overdue library book sitting on the shelf, or a DVD that you've forgotten to return to the library?

If so, don't worry. The City's Library Amnesty begins on Sunday, April 1, 2012, so now is your chance to return old books and have old fines forgiven. People who email, phone or visit the front desk of a City of Sydney library during April 2012 can ask to have any fines incurred prior to 1 March 2012 erased ─ no matter how large or small.

The City's librarians are looking forward to some good excuses. The best story so far was a book lost on a ship that sank in the Arctic Circle - the borrower told librarians she was waiting to find out if her travel insurance would cover the cost of the book.

The City of Sydney Library network offers an extensive range of modern library services and resources, including access to over 500,000 items through 9 branches.


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