Licensed Venues Late Night Security Meeting

(4pm 15 May 2012, Ivy Ballroom Level 1, 320 George St)

Thank you, John Franks, and hello, everyone. It's great to see so many of you here this afternoon.

As you all know, the City is working to develop a strong, sophisticated and diverse night-time economy for Sydney, and all of you are very much part of that.

We want to give people multiple choices - choices of places to go for a drink or a meal or simply to gather with other people. We want the city to be appealing to every age group and demographic, and we want it to be safe.

That's why we appointed Suzie Matthews as our first-ever Late Night Economy Manager - an indication of how important the late-night economy is to the economy of the city as a whole.

And I'm pleased to hear back from many sources that she is doing a fantastic job and has become a valuable point of contact for all of you.

This has helped all of us to work together towards our common goals and it's reflected in the dramatic decrease in alcohol-related assaults in the area - down by almost 29 per cent over the last 12 months.

That's a fantastic result and it's due to the co-operation between The Rocks Police under Inspector Lee, the OLGR, the City Council, and of course, all of you. So congratulations to John Franks and the City North Liquor Accord.

By providing sessions like this for education and advice - as well as a forum for airing outstanding issues - it plays a huge part in building Sydney's local and international reputation as a stimulating and exciting night-time city.

So I wish you all a helpful and productive session today. We want to keep those good results coming in! Thank you.