Light rail project gets planning approval

The $1.6 billion extension of Sydney's light rail network has been given planning approval. This is great news for Sydney. Congestion in the CBD costs our economy around $5.1 billion a year. Light rail and other changes to the way our city centre operates will unlock the crippling congestion that has been holding Sydney back.

Light rail will run every three minutes during peak hour. Each light rail vehicle could carry up to 300 people and the network will have the capacity to carry up to 9,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

The creation of a pedestrian and light rail zone along 1 km of George Street will help transform our main street from a traffic sewer into a world-class destination for retail, dining and culture. George Street will have new public squares, art work, street furniture and trees.

The light rail will have no overhead wires between the Town Hall and Wynyard stops and we hope to see outdoor dining become an inviting part of George Street.

Circular Quay will become a well-functioning transport interchange with light rail, trains, ferries as well as walking and cycling routes.

The City has worked with the State Government to ensure that the light rail extension through Surry Hills will be completed with the same attention we bring to other major projects like our upgrades of main streets.

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