Lord Mayor's Message: Community Strategic Plan

(Tuesday, 11 June 2013)

Sydney's flagship 2030 strategy to create a more sustainable city arose from the most comprehensive community consultation in the City's history.

The overwhelming consensus among the thousands of residents, businesses, community organisations and people in the cultural and education sectors was for a greener, more international and better connected city.

With council's vision endorsed in the 2012 elections, we continue to listen to people's ideas for making Sydney smarter, more open and hospitable, more inclusive and cleverer in the ways it does business, both locally and internationally. We also are working to make it less congested and easier to get around.

We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, boosting affordable housing stock, furthering an integrated transport system with light-rail and cycle links, increasing recreational and cultural options and improving building design codes.

The 2030 strategy commits us to action on many fronts and is essential to improve the way the City and its villages interelate, how they prosper and how residents, workers and visitors move around.

We are continuing our commitment to the City Transformation program which will unlock the potential of the City Centre so that it becomes a place people will want to be, and a place that welcomes everybody.

It combines programs and civic improvements, and central is the introduction of light-rail along George Street to dramatically improve the amenity of the city, and particularly of the streets and laneways around George Street.

The Green Square project is transforming the southern part of our local government area into a vibrant and sustainable urban environment. From its industrial past, Green Square is emerging as a place of innovative housing design, bespoke business and retail and creative and engaged communities, proud of the area's past and confident of its future.

We continue to build partnerships and good will across the board and our solid progress towards our 2030 goals reflects the way our varied Sydney communities have rallied in support of this great project for Sydney's future.